UR44 and not DAW applications


I want to use microphone connected to my UR44 in skype, browsers chats and so on.

I have windows 10 and last version of tools by my card.

How I can do it ?

Thank you!

Adjust your Windows Recording devices to make sure UR44 is set as default.
Open the UR44 Mixer and bring down the DAW fader all the way.
On the UR44 General Settings, turn on the Loopback option.

In your app, select the UR44 for your mic.

I have only tested this with Cortana in Win10 not any other app.

Thank you! It’s works!

is there any way to do this for UR 12?

If you are using headphones connected to the UR44 you should turn up the DAW volume control. :nerd: