UR44 and other hardware needed?

Iā€™m planning to use UR44 and Cubase software for my music production. Right now, I have ordinary laptop (Acer Aspire), but I plan to buy PC in meantime. Can someone tell me which hardware I need to run ur44 and cubase smooth? :smiley:
By hardware I mean motherboard, processor, RAM memory, harddisk etc :slight_smile:
PS: I tend to spend around 300-500 euros

Thank you! :slight_smile:

So much hardware, so little time. It would be great to have a uniform diagnostic app that you could run and have it say Yea or Nay to a specific computer setup. Of course, as soon as you buy it and take it home, you install your favorite apps and upset the balance of factors that made it OK. Here are two resources that can perhaps help:



I hope this helps.