Ur44 and Sound Forge latency problems

Hi all,
I have a UR44 and am trying to get it to play friendly with Sound Forge Pro 11.
The card seems to work fine if I’m just playing files in winamp etc. When I open SF and record in to SF from an external device such as my old hard disc recorder It likes to stammer and stutter and the sound can entirely disappear for a second or more at a time. This is just strictly 2 track stuff and I bring it in to SF for processing.
Using editing functions such as setting markers is also sluggish. Sometimes when I start recording It will even be slow in starting the recording process.
Like I say the card seems to work fine in other day to day functions.
I have the ACIO driver selected in SF of course.
Any Ideas on what I can try?

I know nothing about SF but maybe you can try to import the old files in another way? I don’t see why they should be routed through the UR44.

As for the marker settings not working fluidly, I don’t see how an AI can have any influence on that but you could test this and other issues by using your your internal soundcard/driver and then the Yamaha ASIO to see if the problem persists. If you don’t have issues with your internal driver you could try downloading an older driver for the UR44 or contact SF for known issues (Steinberg support is very slow).

Check this out: