UR44 as sound card?

hey all,

can the UR44 be used as an audio output device on a Windows computer? i know when you plug in and install the drivers the Windows audio output will go through the UR44, however i’ve run into a program (Rocksmith 2014) that does not seem to work with the UR44 has the output device.

if i run Rocksmith without the UR44 plugged in it works fine, then when i try running Rockmith with UR44 plugged in, it stops with a message stating no sound output device was detected. so i’m wondering if there’s a way to have the UR44 work with Rocksmith- i’ve checked basic settings in Windows’ playback setup, but is there anything else i can do to make this work?

it’s weird because Rocksmith is the only software i’ve run into so far that doesn’t worth with the UR44- i can play music, Youtube videos etc just fine through the device, so i’m confused by this.


Off the cuff it sounds to me like your Rocksmith application is the issue. Are there any preferences within it to force one driver over another?

Did you try http://rocksmith.ubi.com/rocksmith/en-ca/setup/index.aspx

Interesting there that they dont mention windows, only gaming consoles.

not that i’m aware of, there’s an inf file that it uses for configuration/setting but i don’t believe it has anything related to audio drivers.

yes i have browsed their support pages and checked various troubleshooting items… i think they only have consoles listed because Ubisoft is primarily geared towards developing games, but yeah funny they don’t list the PC version there…

so is there anything i can look at with the UR44 to make sure that it’s being detected properly as an audio output device? maybe there are configuration settings that can be changed somewhere?

i’m also checking with Rocksmith support in case there’s something on the software end that’s causing this- covering all bases since i don’t know where to look!