UR44 Audio on Laptop

Hey there,

I bought the UR44 and it was delivered yesterday. I installed all software and licences, now I’d like to use it :slight_smile:
Here my question: If I plug in my guitar in the UR44, can I then hear the signal via USB connection (UR44 --> USB --> Laptop) on my laptop?
In the dspMixFx UR44 I can see the signal level from the appropriate port rise an fall. But there is no audio.

In short: Can I hear the signal, my guitar is creating in the UR44, on my laptop?

Greetings Jan


if you plug in your headphones to the UR-44 you should hear your guitar.



Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately I don’t have jack plug headphones… I have USB headphones.
Even if I bought jackplug headphones, could I then hear the effects, that I applied on the signal on my computer? Or only the sound coming into the UR44?

The UR44 “replaces” your laptop sound card when it is plugged in. You will have to plug either speakers or headphones into the UR44.

I bought jack plug headphones and can work now :slight_smile: