UR44 audio specs?

I have searched all the Steinberg documentation (owner’s manual, “specs and downloads”, brochures, etc.) and the internet and cannot find any audio specs for this hardware.

What is the SNR, THD, I/O impedances, etc.?

Every other hardware manufacturer, like M-Audio, Moto, Focusrite, etc., proudly publish the specs for their hardware so this kinda makes me leery of the Steinberg hardware. I’ve heard it sounds good but - why the secrecy? Anyone have the specs?

This has been a big question for me, too. It stands to reason that the only time a manufacturer wouldn’t publish the specs is when the specs are so bad that they must be concealed from potential buyers - which is the reason I won’t buy the UR44.

See this article and translate it first:

The specs are very good.

92.7dB SNR is good - but not for a 24 bit system.

Can you make a record with it? Sure you can. Lots of GREAT records were made on 16 bit systems.

But is it up to today’s standards? No. Check out the specs on Mbox 3 for example.