UR44-C Line Inputs 5/6

I have more microphones(6) than I have XLR inputs(4). I’d like to know if I can use the line inputs (5/6) on my UR44-C for some dynamic mics. I was planning to buy 2 XLR-TRS cables for this but wanted to make sure it’ll work before I spend the money.

Inputs 5 and 6 are line level inputs. You cannot connect microphones directly. Well, you can but the signal will be so low it will be unusable.

You can however connect a small mixer or a microphone preamp which will allow you to use more microphones.

This is the correct solution. Get a mixer, plug all your desired extra mics into said mixer, run the stereo out bus from mixer into inputs 5/6.
If you pan one mic hard left and the other hard right, it will effectively add 2 mono tracks to your setup. If you use more than 2 extra mics, you will just have a stereo feed so you should plan what you hope to do with it. For example if you mic’ed a drum kit on the mixer, you’d have to mix it on mixer before sending to UR44C because your stereo track with levels and panning will be ‘baked in’ and you will not be able to do panning and mixing in the daw.