UR44-Can I address the four outputs separately?

I’m seriously considering buying the UR44 and have a question regarding the physical outputs. Can I address each of output 1-4 directly from within Logic so that I would be able to send four different Logic tracks to respectively output 1-4, and still have the main DAW output (without these 4 tracks) sending to the two main out ports?


I found a guy at the Apple support forum who wants to do what I want to do. In the example below; shouldn’t he be able to hear Logic’s output 5-6 option through the 3-4 output ports on UR44? Why doesn’t he?

Klondike Joe
Apr 8, 2014 9:17 AM
Hi there,

I’m setting up a home studio with the new Steinberg UR44 using Logic Pro X. When assignig track outputs, I get the option of 1-2 stereo, 3-4, 5-6.

The steinberg UR44 has also 6 outputs: line outputs 1-2, 3-4, and LR main outputs with a level knob.

If I assign the track output to Stereo Out in Logic Pro, the audio plays through the UR 44 Main output (with volume control) as well as through output 1-2 with no volume control.

If I assign the track output to output 3-4 in Logic Pro X, I get a nice line level out of output 3-4 [Edit from me, Clas; I think he actually here mean the ports that on the back of the hardware UR44 are labeled 1-2] from the Steinberg UR44 which is sweet for isolating lets say a drummer track.

But what is this output 5-6 in the Logic ProX output options? I tried it and I get a half signal (low and mids only) coming out of all the outputs of my UR44. What’s that all about?
[Edit from me, Clas; Shouldn’t he here be able to hear this audio through the ports that on the back of the hardware UR44 are labeled 3-4?]

I would be happy to have a 5-6 output working but I can’t figure it out. Any clue?

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Here’s the link to this question on the Apple forum: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6071600?tstart=0

Wow, the response here is overwhelming! Having a hard time to plough trough all replies to my question! :wink: :smiley: .
Joking aside, this should be REALLY simply question for you people that are running the UR44 together with Logic Pro. Are there really NO USERS on this forum that are using Logic with UR44…?
Stefan Schreiber seems to be using UR44 with Logic. Can I kindly ask for a reply from you Stefan?
I want to know this before buying this interface.