UR44 Can't acces hardware setup in cubase on Mac

If I have already start up my iMac and than power the UR44 the hardware setup in Cubase 10 is not available. Also not available in the mixer (hardware input). I have to restart my iMac with the UR44 powered on than it is available. Is this normal or is there a way to start the UR44 after the iMac is already started and have the hardware setup available?

iMac (late 2012) High Siera, Cubase 10 (10.0.15) UR44 (v.1.10.4)


Make sure, you have the latest UR44 and drivers installed. You can download it from here.

v.1.10.4 is the latest version (January 29, 2019 ) all drivers are up to date.