UR44 Clicking in Garageband

Hey guys,

When I record in Garageband, I find that random clicks are added to the audio tracks when I record with the UR44.

Mac OS X 10.11.6
Garageband 10.1.4
Steinberg Driver V1.9.10

When I look at the audio tracks, there doesn’t seem to be an indication of a click within the tracks (no sudden jumps/bumps in the waves). The clicks also stay with recording when I export it out. I’ve recorded with Cubase on my ultrabook before and had no issues. I also recorded in Audacity on my Macbook Pro and had no issues with clicking in the audio. The clicks come up in recordings from my mics (AT2035, Rode NT1A, Blue Baby Bottle) and also when I use my Yamaha MX49 (synthesizer) as a direct line input. Clicks also come up during single track recording and multi-track recording.

I skimmed through the previous post of UR products experience audio drop-outs. I’m not sure if that applies here but it’s weird that these clicks have only come up when I record in Garageband. I called Apple Support and they weren’t able to help but suggested that it might be specific to the interaction between Garageband and the UR44. Also sent in this issue to tech support, waiting on them to reply which might be a while since it’s still holiday season.

The same thing happens to me in reaper. but this clicks occur only on input 1.
when dont use input 1 directly, mute.
here, this problem can be solved by increasing the buffer size or reduced by testing other sample rates and buffers, and disabling wifi.

I have the same issue. I looked at the waveforms in Logic Pro X and as Kaderp mentions, I don’t see any abnormality in the waveform. I have the clicking sound on all four channels, randomly at the same time. Did anybody find a way to first save the recordings (filter, plug-in,…), and second avoid the issue next time? Thank you.