UR44 + Cubase 9.0.10 + 10.12.4 no Hardware

Hi all,

I just purchased a UR44. Running macOS Sierra 10.12.4, updated to latest firmware, latest UR44 driver, TOOLS, Cubase 9.0.10. The only issue I’m having is in the Cubase Mixer when I select Racks there’s no “Hardware” option in the dropdown list therefore I cannot utilize the integrated DSP capabilities. Any ideas? I tried Mixer, Mixer 1, Mixer 2, no luck.


Do you have the Input Channels “visible”?
You don’t get the “Hardware” option unless Input Channels are visible.

Thanks, Jaslan. I installed TOOLS v2.1.3 first then installed Cubase Pro 9. I installed TOOLS again and it works as expected. I’m guessing TOOLS installs something additional if it detects CUBASE is already installed on the system.