UR44 & Cubase Ai - Will it do what I need?

Hi all,

Getting back into recording after a couple of years away.

Looking at a new UR44 with Cubase Ai as they seem to do everything I need, much in the same way that my old MR816 did, just with less inputs. It has the same zero latency monitoring with effects etc, which is cool.

This time around though, I want to do some processing OTB during the mix, using external compression on the mixbuss and perhaps on individual channels too. Also, during tracking, I’d like to use an external pre/comp combination on the way in.

So, my questions.

  1. During tracking using external pre/comp, is it just a case of going:

Mic > Pre > Comp > UR44 Line Inputs (inputs 3-6, as 1-2 are Hi-Z so can’t be used as standard line ins) ?

  1. During mixing, again using external compressors, for instance:

a) Line outputs 1 & 2 to stereo buss compressor, back into line inputs 3-4
b) Line output 3 to mono compressor and back into input 5
c) Line output 4 to mono compressor and back into input 6

Can it be done this way?



Hi James.

  1. Yes, that should work.

  2. Not quite. At least not at the same time.
    Main out and outputs 1 and 2 are the same thing and you probably want that as your main mix, so you really have only outputs 3 and 4 for use with external effects.

Makes sense! Thankyou for your reply :slight_smile:

So just to clarify,

I COULD route outputs 3&4 to an external stereo mix compressor, and then back into inputs 5&6 during a mix?