UR44 - DAW output only through headphone out 1?

I already posted in the german version of this forum but got no reply so I thought I’d try the english version. I hope someone can help. Here’s my problem:

For months I’ve tried to figure out why my UR44 doesn’t output sound from the DAW (in this case Logic Pro X on the Mac) to headphone mix #2. Only when I send mix #1 to the second headphone out within “dspMixFx UR44” I get sound from the DAW but then I can’t have an individual mix for headphone #2. There has to be something that I’m doing wrong. Can someone help?

To answer my own (one year old) question. I just googled again and found this thread which answers the question: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=28283

Long story short: it’s not possible! :frowning:

So I have now UR44 - second hand - the guy didnt send cubase key…
I was looking forward to use it as quadrophonic ambisonic tool for performance and home work.
Now when I was going to use it in normal way, It is rly not recofnized as 4 channel?
What the hell is wrong with this company, what a shit hardware!!!
I dont care inputs, I need 4 outputs like every other normal audio interface… I hoped this one - more expensive would be better.
Tascam from school is way so better… solve this please…
I will try to sell it…

I can acces 4 separate channels with Pure Data, but not with Jack2 audio connection kit - what is making it piece of trash.