UR44 DAW Strip


Can’t find the solution to my problem anywhere, so here it is:
I recently bought UR44 and I am very happy with it, but one small thing is bothering me so much.
I have DAW strip in dspMixFX. I thought it should control ASIO level, right? But when I work in my DAW (Reaper in my case), this strip controls the entire volume level (video/audio players, all the volume in the system). Yes, I have “Line UR44” set in Windows 10 sound parameters. It doesn’t give me any other choices. I’ve heard about the solution to use internal sound card for default system sound, but that’s not what I expected. I want to use UR44 as default and only sound card on my studio PC.

So the problem is: I want to monitor the real sound, when working in the DAW. For example, DAW strip is 0.0. The sound is extremely loud. I lower it down to -15.0. It’s okay now, but after I render a file and want to listen to it in the AIMP, for example - it also uses DAW strip, and lowers the volume -15.0db, but the system volume isn’t 100% (obviously), and so the audio-file sounds way quieter than within the DAW. I need to raise system volume to 100% to get exactly the same volume as in the DAW.

For example, my old E-MU has ASIO strips for this kind of thing, which I could control separately. UR44’s dspMixFX has no additional functions for it.

Also, one more question: how could I switch between the monitors and headphones without touching the knobs? Is there a way to switch it in the mixer or elsewhere?

Sorry, but the manual didn’t answer any of this questions.
Thanks in advance!

Still got no answer, still don’t understand how it works…