UR44 Direct Monitoring -- switch on and off WITHOUT Cubase

I want to easily switch on and off direct monitoring in a setup WITHOUT Cubase. More precisely when using Jamulus.
If I mute the mic channel in dspMixFx, it will not be sent to the Jamulus server, but unmuted, I hear the direct signal PLUS the signal returned from the server as an echo.
How can the direct signal be omitted from the headphone output?

It’s been a while since I last used my UR44, but if my memory is correct, you may be able to do this via the dspMixFx application, that should be part of the tools for UR44 installation.

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dspMixFx is in use, but I couldn’t figure out how to send the mic input to USB but NOT to the headphone, and ONLY the return signal (including the mic mirrored on the server) to the headphone.
I am somehow lost trying understand the signal flow diagram.

As far as I know, Direct Monitoring is a special function that can only be controlled from the DAW software via the ASIO driver. You cannot switch to direct monitoring in the DspMixFx software.
The signal flow with direct monitoring is also not explicitly shown in the block diagram.
You may find a solution to your question here:
Steinberg UR RT 4 turn off input monitoring? - Gearspace.com

Finally found it - obviously 'twas a creative morning:
Plug phones into 2
Stop direct monitoring with “Solo” button for DAW, re-enable by switching “Solo” off.
Settings are persistent when leaving dspMixFx.