UR44 - do newer Steinberg interfaces have better converters? Should I upgrade or stay put?


My trusty UR44 has never let me down since I bought it in 2014.

But 8 years is a long time so I am wondering if any more recently designed Steinberg 4 input interfaces have the same converters, or perhaps better conversion?

If there are no significant improvements I’m happy staying put, but appreciate any knowledge.


John Rasmussen
Denver, CO USA


Having USB -C has been worth it alone as I can play Apple Hi Res music from my phone (via the USB adaptor) or ipad directly via class compliant drivers. Nothing has to be installed. As soon as you plug the Apple device in it switches output. I also figured that the 32 bit converters must be better. I like to change out old stuff just to be prepared and I’m glad I did.

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