UR44 dropouts with latest driver V1.10.0 on Win 10

Hi there,

I’m getting occasional brief audio dropouts, just for a second, but frequent enough that I can’t trust using this device live. I’ve read a few threads here and it seems others are having troubles too, and that the issue isn’t resolved, even though this driver was supposed to fix the problem. I’ve read up on the problem and tried multiple fixes and refinements, and nothing has worked reliably so far. There appears not be a connection to CPU spikes according to LatencyMon, for example. Running an Aero 15x with i7-7700hq, Windows 10, Ableton.

Please help! I’m on the verge of returning this device… Very frustrating experience so far.

Hello, I have the same problem the sound goes, I can not find which controller can work to avoid those unexpected silences, I have updated, and I have returned to the previous versions and nothing including the operating system, I currently use a macbook pro, without the entire interface it works fine, but when I plug it into my entire system, the audio cuts out :frowning:, I can not find answers yet, it’s discouraging.

Consider contacting support.