ur44: dspmix wont work if cubase is running

When i start Cubase AI ( ive got the licenced version, which comes with the ur44) is running, the ur44 softare mixer
dspmix wont work: A window with a message appears:
Cannot use USB port, its used by another application.
Does that mean that i cant change my headphone monitormixes when i am recording?
How the hell i am supposed to record then?

It’s not supposed to as everything is available inside Cubase, that’s the whole point of the Steinberg hardware/software combination.

Just use the ‘Hardware’ menus on the input channels.


Thank you for your reply.
You were right i am supposed to mix everything in cubase itself.

But i still cant get it going: in the cubase mix console i can set my audio to mix 2 but the signal wont get into mix2, which is supposed to go to the line 3/4/ outputs.
device setup is showng mix 2 as active, but i cant figure out howe to set up a proper routing to make monitor mixes.

Hi Peter

Have you got the Cue sends showing in the mixer, I think mine were originally hidden by default, it’s in the “Racks” dropdown at the top of the mixer.

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hi, dou you mean the routing menu in the "racks"drop down menu? There is nothing i can change there…
Should be there something?

Hi Peter

No the Racks dropdown next to the configurations dropdown, that’s where you get to “show” the cue sends. these cue sends are sent to whatever you have configured as “cue’s” in the VST connections dialog.

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I have the same problem and I, just with UR 824???
Is there a solution there?

I hope you can resolve your problem as follows:

  1. Set VST Connections
    Add bus Stereo Out 2 and link it to UR44 Mix 2

2. Link your source (track or mix) to Stereo Out 2

3. Display Audio Hardware Setup panel by choosing [Devices]-[Audio Hardware Setup]

4. Configure your Phones