UR44 DspMixFX limits output signal to my DAW

Hi guys,

so this is my problem, it’s quite straightforward I just can’t see what the solution should be: I have a guitar put in Input 3, my UR44 is connected to my DAW (Ableton live 9) and I have set DspMixFX to solo DAW.

What happens is this:

  • The signal from my guitar (and preamps) goes into the UR44
  • I see the signal appear in track 3 of MIX 1
  • I also see the signal appear in the Master and DAW tracks

HOWEVER, the signals that appear in the DAW and MASTER are much weaker than that of track 3 so when I up the gain/volume on my guitar/preamp/input3 the signal gets stronger but then there is clipping.

I want the signal to be equally strong in MASTER and DAW as it is in track 3, how can I do this?

Only inputs one and two are hi-Z which might explain why your output is low. I may not be understanding your statement correctly, but I am guessing you are outputing from some sort of stereo preamp and also direct from the guitar? Whats in 1 + 2 ?

No that’s not the problem, I have attached a picture so you can see what is happening.
As you can see the signal in channel 1 is greater than in DAW and MASTER.