UR44 exklusiv

(how) is it possible to run a UR44 on a MacBook (M1 with Monterey) in such a way that the signal goes exclusively through the software used (in this case: Guitar Rig). So that no unprocessed original signal can be heard in addition to the processed signal.
With the UR22 MK2 there is a crossfade control (“Mix Input-DAW”) with which the original signal can be faded out. This is (unfortunately) not available on the UR44.
The whole thing is even more obscure because sometimes it works cleanly (i.e. without an unprocessed signal), but sometimes it doesn’t…


On UR44 you have DspMixFX where you control that:)

Thanks, @strummer
Only question: where in DspMixFX? I tried everything (I came up with…). Even if I turn down all (!) controls in DspFX, the signal still comes through… This is actually an absurd situation that doesn’t really make sense to me… ;-(
Am I the only one who has such difficulties with this?!?

Hi @Hartmut
Just turn the channel down in the mixer. You will have ANLG1 thru 6, and those faders should all be all the way down, so that the only thing coming to the outputs is the sound from the DAW fader (set at unity gain probably). Check the UR44 Manual’on pages 10 to 15 you will find all the info you nee, just dont rush it and you should be fine:)

Hi @strummer
thanks for your hints. I have no idea why it didn’t work before, but now I’ve figured it out and it works as you described! Thanks a lot!

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