UR44 external FX on two mixes

I recently purchased a UR44 as I was lead to believe it would be an easy fix for my needs.

I have a headset using a regular stereo jack and two speakers using mono jacks. I want both of these connected to my Steinberg UR44 while being able to seperately apply effects such as compression, filters, etc… Which I am seemingly able to do just fine with dspMixFX just fine, but I find it too constricting.

I am in no sense an expert or proffesional when it comes to audio. Proffessional audio is the biggest black hole in my brain when it comes to computers in general. But from what I’ve gathered, “Monitoring with FX” seems to be what I need. I’ve tried tinkering around with Voicemeter, Equalizer APO & Cantabile and also ever so slightly with Cubase. I’ve used Equalizer enough on vanilla Windows audio interfaces before with no problem, and also it in conjunction with VB.

The amount of terms, sometimes ambiguous and sometimes pedantic terms across all of these audio standards is simply too much for my brain to comprehend. As of now, I do not need anything more advanced than possibilities for software equalizing (eg. VSTs) that’s somehow able to interact individually with.

I really hope I am not too unprecise in my lagnauge here, but what I more or less need is a way to output general PC audio to BOTH Mix 1 & 2 on the UR44 while also being able to manipulate/FX at great liberty SEPERATELY & SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Thank you for reading my post.


I solved it by using VoiceMeter. The solution was to assign “A2” to 3 and 4 as shown in the screenshot. What wasnt obvious as it wasnt explicitly stated in the interface is that 1 & 2 by default was assgined to A1.

Hopefully I save a lot of people from future headache.