UR44 External FX Routing

Hi, I am having trouble setting up Cubase 8 with UR44 and an external FX unit.
I have a VoiceWorks Plus vocal processor and would like to set this up as an external unit. I have had various results but none exactly what I am after. I am now thinking it’s probably the UR44 that is not capable of delivering.
The VoiceWorksPlus (VW+) has mono in via mic and also mono in via line in with stereo out.
I have tried to configure the inputs and outputs so that the 4 front ins are 4 mono ins and then have added an external setup sending from output 3 on the UR44 and returning on 5 and 6.

This looks correct to me but the routing in Cubase is causing me confusion.

I want to be able to record the vocal dry so I can send it to the VW+ through 3 out and return to another audio track with fx.
How do I achieve this? I have tried to use the VW+ as an insert but not having any luck.
I feel that the Dsp and slightly non user friendly routing of the UR44 are the issue.

Has anyone setup an external FX unit with the UR44, I would love to see how you did it