UR44 general driver quality/efficiency...?

Hi all - wondering what latencies people are experiencing with the UR44.

at 44.1kHz and 128 sample buffer I get 14.35 ms
where: input latency = 6.69ms
Processing buffer = 2.9ms
Output latency = 7.66ms

Whenm using ASIO4ALL and the stock soundcard in my laptop (lenovo yoga3 14 (5th gen i7 8GB)), it reliably outperforms the UR44 in terms of round trip latency.

I understand that the A/D - D/A and lining everything up with the USB buss clock all take time, I just hoped that it’d be a tad better than it is.

I get the same latency as you at 44.1kHz on my Win 8.1 64 system.
Try 48kHz and it will improve to:
Input latency: 6.42ms
Output latency: 7.40 ms.