UR44 guitar feedback setup

I’m wondering how I can do this. I have cubase 8.5 pro FWIW

With an guitar amp (which I dont have) its easy, plug the guitar into the amp, crank it up, stand in right position, mic the amp viola, though this aint ideal as I’ld like to use guitar rig to alter the sound of my guitar

At the moment I have the guitar directly plugged into input 1 sound comes out of the monitors or headphones.
The issue is feedback is very hard to get cause theres other sounds which I want to play along to coming out of the monitors (drums/bass/vocals whatever)

#1 Is it possible to just have the guitar coming out of the monitors and the rest of the sounds come out of the headphones.
#2 I could buy an amp/speaker, plug it into line output 1, creating a feedback loop and listen to the sounds through the monitors/headphones (and also leakage from lineoutput 1)

Whats the best way of doing this? cheers zed

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Convincing feedback on any sustained note.

You have this Peppa?