UR44: Hardware rack not always showing up in Mixer

Hey, guys.

My UR44 landed yesterday and as expected, it’s very nicely done.

That said, I am encountering a problem with Cubase 7.0.5. I brought up Song 1 yesterday to play around with it, and per the instructions in the manual I was able to bring up the Mixer, click Racks, and select Hardware so that it would display. Today, I brought up Song 2 for the first time (both were originally created in 7.0.5). When I click Racks, Hardware is not visible as an option from which to choose. I tried All Racks and that didn’t help, either.

I thought perhaps my Cubase install had become confused, so I brought Song 1 back up. Hardware is displayed in racks just as before. Back to Song 2, and no Hardware rack.

Both songs have all three stereo inputs and outputs configured in VST Connections. They’re also very similar in nature in terms of track, etc. Can’t figure out what’s different that would prevent Hardware from showing up in Song 2.

Can anyone from Steinberg, or those of you who have a UR44, offer some insights on what I’m doing wrong?


Okay, just discovered some additional information. If I bring up Mix 2 or Mix 3, Hardware is present in the rack as an option. Just not Mix 1. Not sure what the difference is between these three mix windows and why Hardware would fail to show in 1, but be present in 2 and 3. Also, I’m running 32 bit / Windows 7, should that make a difference.

Any insights would be most appreciated as this is some fairly important functionality for the UR44.


Apparently I spoke too soon. While Hardware does show up as a selectable option when you click Racks on Mix Consoles 2 and 3, doing so displays a row with a blank header instead of one labeled Hardware. You can’t enlarge the black row under the grey header to see the hardware console, so it doesn’t seem to be loading properly even though it’s displayed as an option in Racks.

Thinking memory might be an issue, I copied the project and then went in and removed all VST instances from Instruments, Inserts and Sends throughout. Shut down Cubase and brought it back up with identical results.

Do you have any hardware inputs connected to the input busses? I had the same problem with a setup without inputs. I mean F4 -> Inputs -> “not connected”.

Same problem for me and I accidentally came on a solution! If you open the Devices / VST connections menu you will see the input buss name and list below. When I deleted all the busses and created new buss the hardware appeared in the rack! I discovered that hardware will only appear if the bus is assigned to Device Port. So, I set up two mono and one stereo bus but each one must be connected to a different Device Port input number. So Bus mono 1 is assigned UR44 input 1, Bus Mono 2 Device Port UR44 input 2, Stereo bus is Left UR 44 Input 3 - Right is Ur 44 input 4. Lo and behold all four input channels have hardware rack and accessible controls! This stuff can be like hide and seek! Keep at it and you will stumble across a solution.