UR44 help needed

I just purchased the UR44 to use with 7.5. The issue Im having is that when using a VST for my guitar, the clean signal is getting through. I also connot load DSPmixFX. I am getting an error saying that the USB port cannot be used because it is being used by another program.

My old fast track pro was able to mix the original signal out, so all I heard was the VST sound. Can this be done???

What operating system are you running on? With Cubase open you would get that message when trying to open the DSPmixFX.

Thanks for the reply Jeff.

The issue with the DSPmixFX is due to me being a noob. As for the monitoring, I can’t seem to figure out how to route direct monitoring while being able to hear the vst in the mix. If I turn direct monitoring off I get latency.

This is an issue because I can’t/don’t always track with a mic’d amp. I use amplitude during these times.

Can it be done?

You need to enable Hardware in the Cubase mixer and then adjust the insert position.
See Effect Insertion location on Pg. 16 of the Manual

Hi BriHar, is that not just related to the Rev-x etc? I am wanting to only hear my amplitube insert.

I will have a play again tomorrow.

You can monitor with the included dsp plugins with direct monitoring, however if you are using any other plugins as inserts on the audio track you will need to monitor through the software.

The Effect Insertion location has nothing to do with the Rev-X. Rev-X is controlled with its send control at the bottom (remember the Rev-x in the DSP cannot be recorded - it’s only in the monitor circuit). The Effect Insertion location only determines whether the Channel Strip / FX are recorded, only monitored or bypassed completely.

In your case I believe you want the Effect Insertion location in the uppermost position and the Rev send turned completely down (you may want to even change the reverb routing in the control panel)

It’s just odd that I can’t seem to monitor the signal with the channel insert effect directly from the hardware. My fast track pro had the ability to get latency free monitoring of the signal. If I monitor using the software I get minor latency.

I could select direct monitoring if I was recording from a mic’d amp, but I can’t always use that option. Not sure how to get around it. I want to be able to hear only the plugin sound from the insert when monitoring (without latency).

Please describe your exact signal chain with settings. I can’t understand why you’re having a problem.

Why can’t you select direct monitoring otherwise?
EDIT: Ahh! I’m a bit thick here. :unamused: Of course, the Amplitube is a plugin!

You should try and reduce your latency by lowering the buffer in the UR control panel :wink:
(If the audio starts breaking up then of course this is not an option, and perhaps your DAW isn’t up to scratch :frowning: )

Another alternative would be to run Amplitube on a separate system (laptop?) and feed it into the Daw - I’ve done this with Line 6 Gearbox before now.

Do the Amp simulations built into the UR44 not cut it for you?

OK… So this is the deal…

I have my guitar going into the left Hi-Z input of my UR44, from the UR44 I have a pair of monitors pluged into the Main output. Thats it… Oh, I also have Midi in/out. This is into Cubase 7.5 artist (So no control room)

This thing is driving me absoultly crazy!!! I NEVER had this much trouble trying to configure my Fast track Pro.

I have been trying to get my set up done for 3 days now and had no luck. Now this is where it gets really strange! When I set up a mono audio track I am getting stereo out. If I set up a stereo track with input 1, I only get an output on the left channel??? Why no true stereo out???

All help is apprciated, but Im quickly getting over this thing.

I assume you have a stereo output buss set up in VST connections. If you set up a mono track for your recording, this will be panned centre when going into your output channel, you can pan left and right. The input signal is mono so if recording to a stereo track will only record on the left or right (depending on the input specific channel). Unless you change the type of panner used you only have a balance control between, and adjusting the strengths of the left and right signals, and since there is no right signal…
Best is to record a mono signal to a mono track unless you have a specific need to do otherwise.

Again, can you adjust your buffer to improve the latency?

Hi Quazza

Firstly, Hang in there, the UR series is pretty well “tied in” with C7 but some of it is a little bit confusing, took me quite a while to get my head round it and the pre’s on the UR would certainly be superior to those on your old Fast-Track. In order to use amplitube as a plugin on an input, direct monitoring has to be OFF, which means that latency will be intruduced, now depending on your setup this can be reduced to a reasonably low figure (128 samples in my case)which as a guitar player one can work with. As Brihar points out however, is there a reason you are not using the Amp Simulations that are part of the UR’s firmware? This would then allow you to use the Direct Monitoring of the UR. At worse you could (as I sometimes do) use the Amp Sims for tracking but record the guitar “clean” and then put(in your case) amplitube as an insert on playback. Also a good idea to put your “setup” in your profile so we can see it whenever you post

Best Regards


Thanks for the replies. I am beginning to like the UR44 more and more. Sound is great. I think the best option is to use mics on my amp.

I have not used the dsp effects yet because I’m not sure how to at this stage. I’ll keep playing with it.

Appreciate the support…