ur44 help?

ok I’m on cubase 7.5 and i just upgraded from the ur22 to the ur44 when i installed the ur44 and clicked on the icon i got ‘no device detected’ i downloaded the latest soft ware and firm ware and still the same thing…so i did a clean uninstall and reinstalled as the manual said and still the same results…any help out there? I’m on a macbook pro maverick 10.9.4 thanks

We had a new UR22 fail within 10 days, sent it back for warranty claim…Waited a week to have the replacement OK’ed… After waiting for stock to arrive for 20 days asked for a refund…Maybe the UR44 has the same problem…Just reading that the metal case makes it ‘virtually indestructible’ The metal case is the least of our ‘FAIL’ considerations. Dissapointed