UR44 Hi-Z (input 1 and input 2) jack noise

Hi, I just purchased the UR44.

I’m having an issue with the Hi-Z inputs being used with jacks, if I use them with XLR connection all is fine. When I connect my Bass through the input jack 1 or 2, it happens to be noise when inserting the cable, and once inserted, you can hear a broken noise (when you move the cable it can get worse or go for a moment). If I try just the cable it happens the same. This just happens with this 2 connections, the other ones are working fine, no noise at all. All the cables used are tested in other devices and none of them does that at all. I’m using several cables, but this happens a lot more with the Ernie Ball 6049 Ultraflex 10ft White Instrument Cable Straight.

This is the second unit I have with the same issue since I returned the first one because the same exact thing was happening and I thought it was a defective unit. Now, or I had very bad luck and I have another defective unit, or maybe I’m missing something…

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks and regards

Warning! Yamaha / Steinberg power supplies do not have electrical protection filters and UR (HiZ) audio cards are very sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Can you check that your power socket on which your power supply does not have a thing that could carry interference. The most common example: ethernet power line adapter (CPL), if you have, remove them and try if you still have noises.

Hi, thanks for your reply, but since I had a few days to be able to return the unit without cost, I ended up returning the unit before you replied to me :confused: But, I must say that I have other several devices connected here (as other interfaces) and no one has any problem with this noises :frowning:
It’s really sad, because the UR44 was the perfect unit for my needs. Now I’m working with my old interface and don’t know what to look for or buy…

Again, thanks for your replay

Hi! If you have active pickups on that bass guitar then you shouldnt use the Hi-z (Input 1 or 2), rather use Input 3 or 4 instead… Thats what I think from reading the manual, but I havent tested it myself…**** But if that’s not the reason then it might be a faulty unit though and you could just try a guitar or other bass guitar to check if the noise is coming from the instrument, a bad instrument cable, etc? There shouldn’t be a noise though…