UR44 Hi-Z Input sensitivity is it the same as UR824?

I’m looking over a new small audio device and I think that the UR44 meet my needs but I had a very important question (to me at least)

I just to had a focusrite scarlett 2i2 and it had a problem, the Hi-Z input get’s too hot too fast when using a guitar with humbucker pickups (Telecaster BlackTop HH if must know)

For my work sometimes I need to record clean guitar to later on reamping and doing this with the 2i2 Hi-Z Input was nearly impossible when played hard, the only way to record clip free was lowering the volume know in the guitar , what of course changed the completely the color of the sound.

This also happen in my studio’s UR824 but this was easyly fixed with the Pad Switch

Now, the UR44 doesn’t have any pad and I can’t find any info regarding the gain range of the UR44 Hi-Z Input, I know that 2i2’s gain was: -4dB to +46dB.

Does the UR44 share the same fixed gain as the UR824? I can see in any place this info?

If the gain is the same, the UR44 will be useless (to me) recording instruments thru the Hi-Z input :confused:


I cannot compare the UR44 and UR824 but I do have UR44 and record electric guitar with humbucker pickups.

I think Hi Z inputs are not hot at all. I usually even add gain (about half way) on them.
In fact I wish the UR44 had a bit more gain on all inputs, line, mic, hi z.

I find myself using much more gain when compared to UR22 (2 in 2 out) to achieve the same levels.
(UR22 Hi Z input is a little hot. With no gain was about right unless played really hard and then it started to overload the input)

Thanks for your input misohoza!

I wish Steinberg put the technical info somewhere :confused:

Any more experiences?