UR44 - High tone i bg. Recordings sounds distance, noisy and a bit "wobbling"

UR44 - High-toned bg & recordings do not sound like CLOSE UP, more like a bit away and a bit wobbling

Recording thru the UR44 (USB) with a Neuman TLM 102 mic and with the latest drivers installed on a Win 10 machine but and it sounds great in my headphones but when I listening to the material in headphones short thereafter I can hear a high tone, a little bit noisy and sometimes some kind och “wobbling” in my voice, (lika to much of a noisereduction effect, wich I dont use) and more is that the sound feels like a bit away from the mic and not as before (with my other soundcard, a RME babyface), close and with no noise at all.

The high tone I suspect colud be the cords but I think I have balanced cord. The other stuff could relate to that I have to puch the recording knob quite a bit but that should not be an issue with this kind of soundcard, or?

Anyone out there who has similar experiences?

All the best!

Problem solved. A cable was damaged. Now everything is up and running fine.