UR44 hiss noise

I found a hiss noise when I’m using guitar amp simulations. I can not add here video or mp3 to show my problem, so I uploaded short move to youtube:

Hiss noise shown on the movie was recorded without any instrument (even no cable) plugged to UR44.
Is this normal? I’ve sold my L6 PodStudio so have nothing to compare, but I’m sure there was no noise like that. It is unable to play with high gain simulations. I recorded noise from Yamaha’s GuitarAmpClassisc but I have the same problem with ReValver.

Is this my setup, my UR44 or this is normal?

I have been getting a lot of hiss on inputs 1 & 2 specifically, with mics and/or guitar.
I opened a support request with Steinberg over a month ago, and the person that responded to my request stop responding to emails…
So yeah, hopefully this gets sorted out, especially since I really like the interface otherwise.

I think you’ll find this is part of the emulation. Real Amps hiss and hum especially when you crank them.
You’ll also notice this is different for the each model. :wink:

Do you mean this is something normal?
As you can see on the movie there is only loud hiss without any hum characteristic for guitar amps. Please notice there was no cable plugged in.
Could someone confirm similar level of hiss in his UR44?

I can confirm you get hiss even with no line input plugged in. It is the nature of the different amps.