UR44 Hiss on channel 1

Just picked up and installed the UR 44. Integration in Cubase is great, but I noticed that the left-most input on the front has a much higher amount of hiss than the other 3 inputs next to it. With all the gain knobs set to half way channel 1 has about 30db more hiss.

Am I right in thinking this is a fault with the unit and I should send it back for a replacement?

I have the UR44 and all 4 mono inputs are about the same.

With all gain knobs at 0, I have -81.9, -81.7, -82.7 and -81.6 for mono inputs 1-4 respectively. And, -81.8 for the stereo input.

If I set the gain knobs half way (at 12 o’clock) the levels don’t change.

If I set the gain knobs at max, I get -63.7, -63.7, -64.1 and -63.2 for mono 1-4 respectively.

This is with nothing plugged in to the inputs, of course.

Sounds like your unit might be faulty. There shouldn’t be a 30db difference.


I have the same problem, ecxcept that it is channel 2. With all gains up to max and no inputs the levels are -64 for 1,3&4 and -27 for Channel 2. It sounds like white noise near enough…

Did you get a fix for this? Judging from Richlum’s comment my unit should not be doing this

One other thing to check… make sure that you don’t have any effects enabled in the UR44 on board dsp.

I had a hiss problem on my first UR44 and I had to send it back to Sweetwater. They sent it to Steinberg and the unit was repaired. When I got the unit back, it was very quiet on all 4 channels. I recommend looking into this if your unit is not functioning properly. I guess there were some early models that had issues. It took time but I am so glad I have a perfect UR44 now! I think the unit is awesome.