UR44 in Matlab ??

I want to use the UR44 in Matlab to measure acoustic room response and use it as a oscilloscope .

I want to be able to set the input/output volume and the input and output used. (to be able to calibrate the levels for precise measurements) - and want to able to set any input/output - not only the “cc” ones…

So far I have NOT found anything useful in the Microsoft driver - no usable methods are published by the driver.

Is there any way to command the UR44 without using the proprietary “mixing” program or VST plugins in Cubase.

I only bought the UR44 only for this purpose. But maybe I was optimistic about the drivers…

Are you saying that you want Matlab to control the UR44? Or, are you saying that you want to employ use of Matlab to process data taken from the UR44 (the audio data)?

I want from Matlab

  1. set the output, e.g output 1 - this as far I’ve tried not possible due to that the proprietary driver do not have any methods (.net object or in the register) to be ably to change this (by setting mixing parameters in the Yamaha DSP)

  2. set the volume on that output - see 1) Same problem - proprietary driver…

  3. send a signal (1Khz) from Matlab to use a DMM (digital multimeter) to be able to trim the output (aka volume on the output) - it is possible to send a 1khz signal - the volume and output used can only be set by the Steinberg control program

  4. Continue on the input, e.g. input 1 - the output 1 signal is connected by cable to the input 1. The signal output 1 is sampled by input 1 and the power is estimated and then the input amplification is set at a calibrated level. The input level is only available from the Steinberg control program.

    All these steps are needed to have a controlled and calibrated output and input. After the basic calibration some other steps are taken (inverse FFT impulse response filter design) and delay (output/input) to be used in FFT etc etc.
    The aim is to be able to use the UR44 as part of the acoustic measurements I’m doing and other stuff.

All the above can be done on a simple audio card that is on most motherboards - but I wanted a better quality audio card (192kHz, 24bit) and Steinberg seemed to a good choice but now it seems like the internal sound is working better…

So, I guess you’d send white noise through the system - including the UR44 and then add the appropriate filter to flatten the response. Well, assuming you’re equalizing the response of the entire system including the room.

Yes, white noise, MLS or other means can be use to measure the impulse response. I’m aware of all the technicalities involved. I just want to use the UR44… I probably end up doing a soundcard my self in and write needed drivers in linux

Hi matlab_guy,

I’m also interested yo use UR Sound Card with Matlab.

Did you try this link and update the support package for matlab :

I want to use it with ARTA for the same purpose.