UR44 inputs

I just bought the UR44. I’m using a iMac with El Capitan 10.11.4 and Pro Tools 12.5.0. I have updated the UR44 to the latest version. It seem to be working find with Pro tools. where i’m having a problem only the first two inputs (D-PRE MIC/HI-Z) will link/record on protools. So is there a way to setup the UR44 where all 4 inputs will record on pro tools? I’m trying to eliminate the need for a mixing board to feed the UR44.

I’m having the same problem with Cubase. The only way to use all 4 inputs at the same time is by using one of the templates included in cubase specifically designed for this soundcard. However, If I create an empty project, it will only show stereo in (1/2) and stereo out (main output) and couldn’t find a way to add inputs 3/4 buses to the project.