UR44 interface with MOTU Midi Bay

Hi all, my first post/question here on the forum:
Does the UR44 play nicely with a midi bay? I am just re-assembling my Cubase DAW after a couple of years of storage, bought a UR44 and trying to get it to work with my 6 year old MOTU midi express 128 as a midi bay. Was running Cubase 6 before, but upgrading to 9.5.
iMac 2017
MidiExpress 128
KX88 keyboard controller
Korg M1R Workstation
Roland R5
Boss Dr Synth

So, I have my Cubase/Mac recognizing the UR44, and then I presumptuously ran my MIDI in/out from UR44 to the in/out of the MOTU and then hooked up the controllers/synths to the MOTU 128, thinking that chain would work. But: no recognition anything past the UR44.
Am I dreaming that this would work? How does one have multiple controllers and/or modules working with the UR44? Or do I parallel the 128 with the UR44? I loved having my extra synth modules as part of the overall library in addition to all that Cubase has.

First timer… be gentle!

Or, should I have a second, separate hookup for the MOTU via USB from the iMac and not have the MOTU and the UR44 hooked up via MIDI?
Thinking on it, overnight, it seems more likely that set up would work. The Cubase Audio Midi settings likely can manage more than one interface unit, right?

That would be the better way to set up your devices.

I am trying to use the MOTU 128 as a midi bay on CuBase using a M-AUDIO/M-TRACK as an interface. I haven’t tried hooking up any keyboards to the MOTU yet, but I did see the MOTU showing in the MIDI ports. When I spoke with tech support they said that I needed to upgrade from the Elements version to the Pro version. I was wondering if anyone knows if I can do what I want on the elements version or if the artist version might work?