UR44 Ipad IOS 9.3.5 inter audio apps

I can only use the UR44 with Cubasis LE on ipad retina. No other daw. even when I route a track in Cubasis through Bias FX or Jamup Pro or any other interaudio app, I can record but it is not routing through the interaudio app. I get unmodified guitar sound on the track. I can see the icon for bias fx and tap it etc. Also I cannot get it to work as an input device for garageband on ipad which is why I bought it. Audiobus doesn’t work either. I route biasfx in audiobus and output to GB and nothing works. If I output to Cubasis it works but no biasfx tone.
I can use the iRig and everything works, interaudio and all. That’s what I was doing before I decided to add the UR44. I am in cc mode and using genuine Apple usb to lightning camera kit.
If I use the UR44 on the macbook pro, it works fine. is there an issue with ios 9.3.5?
Thanks in advance.

Are you using dspMixFx?

Just got back to tinkering with this. I was just using Cubasis LE to get to know it better. I can get it to pass audio to GB if I use Audiobus. DSPMixFx as input and then send to GB.
Thanks for the help.