UR44 is out of the box.....

First thoughts.

Solid unit with it’s all metal casing, should do well in a rack going to gigs. Heavier than I thought it would be but no bad thing.
No problems connecting to iPad and Cubasis.
In Cubasis, Audio Inputs are selectable as Mono 1-6 or Stereo 1/2, 3/4 or 5/6.
In Cubasis, Audio Outputs available are 1/2 and/or 3/4. Not possible to set up different mixes to Phones 1/2 as they are not available output options. Better routing options available on PC laptop using the dspMix software included and possible to set up 2 separate input to output mixes, including Phones 1/2.
Midi connection from my Roland Fantom G6 was fine and control of Cubasis instruments (micrologue and microsonic) as well as interApp (nanologue) worked as expected.
When audio recording from Fantom G and the input level is too high, instead of distortion there seemed to be some sort of limiting/compression going on. Maybe there is an auto limiter in the UR44 but I haven’t read anything to state this is true.
Don’t forget to switch off CC Mode when going from iPad to PC. This one had me wondering why I couldn’t get the bloody thing to work on PC for a while (for longer than I would like to admit too as well).
Cannot hot swap between PC and iPad, need to power down UR44 to re-establish a connection.
IPad does not (unfortunately) charge from the USB/Apple camera adapter when plugged into the UR44.

Still to check out multiple recording channels and if you can do the full 6 at a time on Cubasis. Think it will handle this on PC with Cubase ok but will check that too.

If anyone wants me to check anything specific, I will try my best to test and give feedback.


Stevo… :smiley:

Thanks for this. I’ll watch this thread for more info. You answered my 1st question which was about separate routing to the two headphone outputs on Win/Mac.

The Operation manual seems to suggest otherwise:
Headphones Tab of the Hardware Setup Window:
PHONES 1 is hardwired to mix 1 PHONES 2 can be selected to mix 1 or 2.
This is similar to the UR28M (with 3 mixes).

Which page of the manual are you referring to for this info? Is it page 17?

I can see how it may be possible on a PC but haven’t encountered a way to route to a specific Phones 1 or Phones 2 output from Cubasis on iPad.
One of my main uses will be to send a stereo recorded keyboard backing track to the main outs and a separate click track to one of the headphone outputs. However, I am not looking to hear the keyboard track on the headphone output. I have yet to check if the routing that you apply using the dspMix control panel on a PC is saved and carries over to the iPad. I have a feeling that when you switch to CC Mode that a specific default routing relevant to iPad will be set, but I have yet to confirm this as I have not had any time to set up and play about with my gear.


Stevo… :slight_smile:

I’m interested in this interface, as it seems to fit my needs. What I’d like to know is how much asio latency can you get down to, with low buffer and still get good performance on large cubase projects woth lots of kontakt instances and lots plugins. If you could test this, that would be great.

Thank you

I’m definitely interested in whether this is true or not. I own a Tascam US-144 2 input interface now and am considering this only because it would allow me to do better on location recording for orchestral pieces. But unless this is a brick wall limiter I don’t want it modifying the input signal at all.

It sounds like you might be describing the effect of the built-in channel strip compressor/limiter, which I believe is on by default. You need to adjust it or switch it out.

Yes, page 17.
You need to route to the ‘mixes’ not the phones, perhaps you need to set this up beforehand in DSPmixFX and save the configuration.
Beyond this I guess you’ll need to inquire directly to Steinberg Support.

I would think that the performance and number of plugins would include the computer processor speed, cas latency of ram, buss speeds etc so the “performance” will probably vary dependant on your setup.
I have checked the quoted latencies in the control panel via Cubase 5 and the link below is an image of the table I created of those latency figures.


Hope that’s of some use


Stevo… :slight_smile:

Got the stereo outs from my Roland Fantom-G into inputs 3&4 of the UR44 just now.
Happy to say that when I turn up the gain I get good old distortion with NO compression or limiting.
I will need to try this again on the iPad as that is where I thought I could hear compression going on.
Will report back at a later time on that.


Stevo… :slight_smile:

Thank you for looking into it:)
This looks good. Of course it also will depend on different factors like ram, cpu, dpc latency and so on,
but fortunately I’ will be building a new workstation soon, so this should be sufficient.

So, thanks again for your time.