UR44 is showing up as Windows Audio Device

OK so ive searched the forums and scoured the net. Maybe one of you can help out…

My UR44 was working great in all DAWs, mixcraft, studio one, and PT.
Im on an HP envy laptop intel i7 16g ram windows 10


  • i shut down computer
  • put in an hdmi to vga or dmi or whatever. its a monitor to extend the desktop
  • unplugged my usb UR44 and ilok
  • put a usb hub into the usb port the interface was in
  • plugged in the interface and ilok into the hub
  • turned pc on

Heres where i think it went wrong. during startup, windows sees the different usb’s and proceeds to download its automatic device stuff… so yeah. DAW cant initialize playback device.

-ive taken out the usb hub and returned the usb cables to where they were before. ive tried the following with and without
the hdmi cable plugged in.
-Ive uninstalled and re-installed the yamaha steinberg driver. (using the up to date TOOLS from steinbergs site)
-Windows sees the UR44, i can use it for windows playback, plug an instrument in and hear it through my monitors via the
dspmixfx thing it comes with.
-It shows up as “steinberg UR44” in device manager under audio inputs and outputs as “line (steinberg UR44)” x2
-its also under sound, video and game controllers as Steinberg UR44
-ive optimized my laptop for audio/DAW’s

Mixcraft “cannot start playback device”
S1 “cannot initialize playback device” (you can still see the Yamaha Steinberg USB playback device option)
PT gives you the same.

ive disabled all devices, gone into PT with ASIO4ALL and looked at the playback devices. when disabled, UR44 is not in the list. (makes sense). I then turn it on and re-open the list to find a “WINDOWS AUDIO DEVICE” listed. so has windows done something to the port or something? why wouldnt it see the yamaha steinberg USB driver? please help if you know wtf! and thanks for taking the time to read this!