UR44 issue


I’ve recently bought a UR44 to use as core for different devices. I use a 2015 MBP 15’’ with OS Mojave.

In the first attempt, I’ve installed everything and was recognized by the MBP, and when I open Ableton, I can setup everything but the audio didn’t go through the channels. I’ve been trying to use a MXR Delay pedal and a LX20 Compressor rack, but the IN/OUT (excepting MAIN OUTs) doesn’t sound anything. Also, when I quit Ableton, the device went off, being not recognized by the MBP until I switch off/on the UR44.

I’ve unistalled all, and reinstalled. And now, when I open Ableton or Renoise, the device turns off and is not recognized by the MBP. Until yesterday I’ve been using an ID4 with no issues.photoshop guide

I’m a bit confused about what’s going on and I tried old firmare/drivers, but It’s not even recognized as a device. My interface is faulty?