UR44 Issue

I discovered an issue on audio channels link in the mixer : when you link 2 mono channels in order to get a stereo channel you have a very strange decreasing of volume, nevertheless uning 2 mono panpotted left and right without clicking channels link is ok and the volume is right.
I hope this issue will be solved with firmware update

…I’m curious about converters

I opened it (8 screws…it’s easy) but I have not been able to see which converters ad da are inside…
Do you know which ad da are used? or where to look?
According to tech specs it seems they are the same of ur28m,
the MR816 has AD AK5385 DA AK4358
Thanks beforehand

nobody has detected this problem? I can guess it’s a (software) common problem

Perhaps you are experiencing phase cancellation. It sounds probable from what you describe.
Search online for phase cancellation to see what I mean, or here you will find a brief explanation.


Stevo… :slight_smile:


if it was phase cancellation problem I should get the same problem panpotting left and right the 2 mono mixes.
This volume decreasing appears only when I click the stereo link button.
I tried with
Nord Stage
Virus B
and the behavior is always the same


Ok, when my UR44 is returned from repair :frowning: I will check if I get the same upside and I will post again.
If you finds out what the problem is in the meantime, perhaps you could post back with your findings.


Stevo… :slight_smile:

Hello, any news about it?
This problem affect also the presets that come with UR44 using Cubase AI 7, I mean: choosing the preset “UR44 stereo recording” you get the decreasing of volume as explained in my 1st message.
Please solve this issue

My UR44 is still away for repair, now been without it for 24 days. Not exactly pleased…
When I asked for an update from a rep at andertons.co.uk, I was told that they received a number of faulty units from Steinberg in their stock and that Steinberg had identified the issue and were working to resolve.
How true is this? I have no idea.

So, afraid I have not been able to test my unit to see if I have the same issue. I will try though if I ever get the unit back and post back here…

Stevo… :frowning:

I just received my unit today and can also confirm this happens.
Is this a hardware or firmware issue?
Have not had this with either the Presonus Firebox Mixer or the TC Electronic Mixer.
After some further testing I’ve found that this volume drop only happens using the DSP mixer.
If you have the mixer channels muted and just solo the DAW channel the volume does not drop in the DAW when you enable stereo link. So no big issue for me as I’m mainly using Ableton Live

Apart from that initial impressions are solid unit.
Stress testing it now, but when I see basic testing issues like this not addressed it makes me wonder what else has been missed.

My UR44 came home today.
I have tried the stereo linking and I also get the drop in level. Difficult to say how much just looking at the DspMix meters but the drop is very noticeable.
Checked in Cubase and like Sonicviz, there is no drop in signal level there.
Hopefully one of the Steinberg guys will provide a clue to why this is.


Stevo… :slight_smile:

The volume is indeed dropped to -3dB when turning on the channel link switch. According to the engineers this is due to the fact that the norminal position of the panpot is different between channel link on and off.

When channel link is on, the norminal position is “turned left or right” position. If you turn to center, volume is decreased from 0dB to -3dB.
When channel link off, it is “center” position. If you turn to left or right, volume is increased from 0dB to +3dB.

If one sets the panpot to left and right before clicking channel link switch, volume will be returned from +3dB to 0dB (norminal level) when channel link is clicked.

BTW, the behavior of the channel link on the MR and UR series is the same as the default settings of YAMAHA digital mixers such as CL, QL and etc…

Ok then, I can live with that since it’s by design and not a fault. Even though it seems a bit weird… :astonished:

Cheers for the info Ed

Stevo… :smiley: