UR44 just found out

OK I purchased my UR44 in 2014.

Reading the manual I just spotted that if you registered your UR44 you got access to Cubase AI. How many people who purchased this item realised that Cubase AI was available for free. Now I have used Cubase since version 6 through to version 11 pro. It seems like I had this item sitting in my desk for nearly 7 years without realising there was a freebie. Was Cubase or is it worth the download or are there any caveats? I noted I got an email recently saying if I purchased AI I could upgrade to 11 Pro for an introductory price.

Am I the only UR44 user that didn’t know that Cubase AI was free with the UR44?

Admittedly I did purchase via Amazon UK only to find it had a European plug on it. A converter sorted out that issue with a freebie from Amazon for the inconvenience because it was advertised as a UK plug.

I know it’s a bit off topic but I just this today :flushed::flushed::flushed:

If you still have the code necessary to activate the AI license you should be able to use that license to upgrade from. Keep in mind that if you wish to upgrade it to Artist or Pro you will first need to transfer the activated license to a USB-eLicenser.

I’m not sure what you mean by this statement.

You don’t need to download or install the software to activate the license.

I definitely knew. I got AI with my Yamaha n12 years ago and it comes with all steinberg hardware as well as other companies hardware. I originally never used mine as I have the pro version but installed it on a 2nd machine for my son. The licence has changed now, it now covers any new version of AI. Also when working remotely I got a friend to get an interface where AI comes with it so we could work together.

I have always had Cubase Pro. I am not familiar with Cubase AI or what it was hence me asking. I don’t know what it is in comparison to Cubase Pro. As I said I only noticed the small print yesterday in the manual. What does Cubase AI actually do? I was surprised after nearly 7 years I didn’t know about this.

Cubase AI is basically a trimmed down Cubase Elements. LE/AI/Elements are in the same family. LE is OEM software bundled with some manufacturers’ hardware. AI is OEM software bundled with Steinberg/Yamaha hardware (a few more features than LE). Elements is the retail version.

Many people like to have one of these products on a laptop because they can be used without the USB-eLicenser.

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