UR44 - Line Output 1&2 volume outside DAW


I bought the UR44 yesterday to replace my very old M-audio Firewire 410. Besides audio production in my DAW i also enjoy listening to music as most of us do. In my previous setup the extra line outputs went to extra sets of speakers in other rooms. I could conveniently adjust the volume of the different line outputs in the M-audio control panel.

The DSPMixFx panel looks nice, has a ton of features, but doesn’t seem to be able to get this simple task done.
I understand the focus on usage within a DAW but can’t comprehend this basic feature being abscent?

Am i missing something ? Is this something that can be realised in the future with firm -or software updates ? Or am i simply missing out on this feature with this interface ?


Steinberg self seems to be absent on this forum so I’ll just answer from the here and now: no, this functionality is not present in the UR44 or dspMixfx software. Only line out volume that can be controlled seperately are the headphone mixes.

It does sound like a nice feature and would be nice to have but also on my older Edirol card I didn’t have that option so to me it would be an innovative luxury. I do have more sets of speakers connected for the same reason as you (listening to music) but all go through an amplifier which I control seperately.

Hi Spiritos,

Thanks for the reply! It’s a shame we’re missing out on this.
Hopefully this is something that will be looked at in a later stage. With the current features the dspMixfx panel is already offering, this doesn’t realy seem hard to implement.