UR44 Line Outs

Hi all,

This my first post as a new Steinberg user. I just picked up a UR44 so I’d have a nice portable interface alternative for live things that would pair with a MacBook Pro and Pro Tools (I know, I’m sorry. That might be a bad word on here, but I am considering switching to Cubase.) Anyway, I really dig the build quality of this unit, and am really happy with the D-Pre’s in it so far. It just seems to be really solid all around.

However, I had one question that I can’t seem to find a definitive answer for. Based on what I’ve read online and in the manual, it SEEMS that line out 1 and 2 are mirror images of the main outputs (albeit at a hotter level) and that line out 3 and 4 are the only outs that can contain a separate cue mix than what is on the mains. Is that true? If not, does anyone have suggestions as to how to route separate mixes or discrete outs to line outs 1 and 2? I am not seeing much in the way of output configuration for the software aside from the “mix 2” option and controlling the level of the DAW output relative to the unit’s inputs.

I’m thinking that this is the way the unit was designed to operate, and that’s OK. I just wish Steinberg made this more apparent OR I could do a better job of sussing it out. I may consider bumping up to the UR824, but we will see.

Thanks in advance if anyone has insight!


Your analysis is correct. You have 2 mix busses which go out to line out 1,2 and out 3,4.

Your DAW may also display the FX bus so you can feed the UR44 onboard FX with signals from your DAW (as well as the inputs) and then mix them back into Mix 1 and Mix 2. Useful for Direct Monitoring with FX.

Headphone 2’s output can be set to either Mix 1 or Mix 2. Handy for a Cue Mix.

The integration of this with Cubase is tighter but you can achieve the same outcomes using the UR44 Mixer software along side your DAW.

Thanks a lot! It’s good to have confirmation that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I really like this piece of gear so far, but I still may swap for the 8 channel version. It’s also a bit more expensive when I’ve already got some nice stationary interfaces though.

I’m using line 3 out to send a separate mix to another speaker but it has loads of reverb. How do I lose the reverb?