UR44 Loopback function and Inputs 1&2


We have a Steinberg UR44 interface and it works great, but there’s one thing that is kinda like one small flaw in this perfect device.

We’d really like to use Loopback function for streaming Ableton music production using OBS (and we tried, and it works!) BUT! when on this device you activate Loopback, it takes Inputs 1 and 2 for its needs. And it’s really sad, cause these inputs are amazing Hi-Z inputs for guitars, we need them. We use Inputs 3 and 4 aswell.

It would be absolutely amazing if it was possible to make the system use Inputs 5 and 6 for Loopback function.

So… I hope maybe the devs can make a special firmware with this function? It’s all just a DSP in the end…

I’m having the same issue (no-hi-z access) and would appreciate the above suggestion being considered (utilizing outs 5-6).

Channel 3 is always able to be heard through loopback, but I already pick up Channel 3 through a DAW program’s monitoring through loopback, so this duplicates the audio for the listener. If I don’t monitor within my DAW, I’m left having to rely on any DSP effects for monitoring, which sounds way different than the tracks that I’m trying to broadcast using loopback.

Can anything be done?