UR44 low input gain

I’m trying to get my dynamic mic work, it’s connected via phono(unbalanced) to input 3(I’ve tested with all inputs)
Always I need to crank up my input knob to hear something, But this gives me a lot of noise when input gain knob cranked up.

Also using Rode NTK(XLR) input gain knob is on 2-3 o’clock.

Both mic used with previous sound card, which input gain knobs settings was much lower then ur44.

By reading the forum, looks like many of ur44 users have this issue.

I wanna know the type of problem, is there hardware issues of all Ur44 or just some of us have this issue.

Btw buying preamp will solve this issues ?

Any dynamic mic users who plug mic directly to UR44 can report that your input gain is ok ?


Interesting! I didnt know this and I have a UR44 but only used a condensor mic for vocal and micing guitar amps in my homestudio (so no micing of real drums). But I’m about to buy a Sure dynamic mic, for the famous rock sound… But maybe then I should buy a new audio device? Have my eyes set on the new URT right now…

i recently bought the UR44 and I’m having the exact same problem. I have to crank up the input gain almost all the way up to get a decent signal when using a mic (and I’ve tried several high quality mics and different cords). This is very frustrating to say the least and not acceptable. Do we have defective units? I want my device to work properly or want a replacement that does work. I don’t think we should have to buy a preamp or anything else to solve a basic recording issue. I tried calling the support phone number for the United States and can’t get through. Please help or give any possible advice or comments.

thanks :slight_smile:

Inputs 3 & 4 are switchable between -10 dBu and +4 dBu. These are accessed from the Studio/Audio Hardware Setup/Settings window in Cubase. Make sure you are using the correct setting.