UR44 low noise issue

Just looking for some help with my UR44. Seems that all of my inputs are picking up some sort of sound without any input while gain knobs are all the way down :confused: . In Cubase 8.5 it shows low audio activity signal and when I remove the default stereo input the audio activity goes away. Ive fastened the ferrite core to the USB Cable near the USB 2.0 terminal. Ive downloaded and installed both latest firmware and drivers. I had a Presonus Firestudio before this with zero issues. Not sure if I should start packing up the UR44 and return it or keep troubleshooting. If anyone has experienced anything similar or resolved the issue I could use some help! Thanks!


I would say this is normal.
Mine does that as well. See the picture.
Every preamp has some noise floor. Even with nothing connected.
Yes, there are better ones, but -80db is not that bad.

If that really bothers you, you can put a gate on input channel. Set the threshold really low.
Some interfaces do that to improve their S/N ratio on the paper.

Ok thanks misohoza! Appreciate the response.

I’ve noted this too and went with the gate…