UR44 major issues installing

Is there a real phone number to call for support?
The drivers don’t install on my windows 7 64bit box (i7 Processor) with 32 gigs of memory. This box has been working for 2 years with m-audio, Mackie and Focusrite interfaces.

I bought a brand new UR44, got it today and the installer fails with:
1670: Unable to load module
Error Code: 32

I sent a support ticket and they say it may take days? Sorry, that is not right. I am hoping someone here has some idea otherwise, back to Amazon in a couple of days.

To reiterate, the USB driver never installs. I have no idea if the interface even works since it isn’t even connected.

Please tell me Steinberg isn’t as bad as Tascam support.

Well if you still have it, some folks have issues with the installation package, make sure you are downloading the newest version from the website and not using the disc which came with it. Also, run as administrator when launching the package (shift-right-click for the contextual menu)

Sorry, I though I replied to this, maybe my post got lost. In case someone else has this problem I will document it here. And yes, support took a week to get back to me. Not very responsive, and if I didn’t fix this myself, I would have sent it back.

The issue was anti-virus, Panda to be exact. Once I disabled that, it worked fine. Then I just enabled the AV again.

I did use the latest download, and running as administrator won’t work. Steinberg is trying to write to a non-standard part of the file system and the AV sees that as a virus.