UR44 Mic-input live

I have to do a live show with my UR44, but I have never used it on stage.
I want to direct a microphone (XLR) through a DAW for effects and then direct a wet signal out. The problem, however, is that whenever I try this, the dry signal goes straight forward to the main output too (see drawing). Is there a way to stop that?

In this image, the left yellow arrow needs to go away.

Cubase or another DAW?

The problem isn’t the daw, the problem lies within the UR44. As you can see there is a direct signalflow from input to output within the UR44. But I need to stop that flow somehow.

And that somehow depends on which DAW you use :unamused:

Open dspmixFX and turn down the channel fader. Unless you use Cubase in which case you can’t.

I am using FL Studio 12. But I can’t find dspMixfx either in the DAW or as a standalone program. Is there a way to download the program from the steinberg website, because I can’t find it there either.

I finally found dspmixfx and my problem is also solved, thanks!