UR44 - Midi input issue

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone might have a suggestion as it seems I’ve tried everything.

I recently upgraded from the ur22 to the ur44. I made the switch for a couple of reasons - One, I had a “faulty” ur22 that made the hi-Z inputs way too hot. Secondly, I needed a couple more inputs.

Although I’m extremely happy with the upgrade, I cant seem to get the Midi-in to work. I’m using Reaper as my DAW, and although I had no problem using the midi-in with the ur22, for some reason no midi information is being picked up by Reaper when going through the ur44. Is there something I’m missing? I’ve tried uninstalling then reinstalling, even jumped back to the ur22 to double check that it wasn’t my midi controller, but still nothing.

Thanks for reading!

Bump :slight_smile:

Mac or PC?