UR44 missing inputs (and outputs?)


I have just acquired my new UR44 and I am having some problems.

I am using it with my Sonar X2 under Windows 7 64 bits. I have ASIO drivers selected but I am only seeing 3 inputs and 3 outputs. In fact, inputs 2, 4 and 6 are missing, although I can see them and hear sound in the control panel (dspMixfx). I have tried updating the UR44 drivers, but I still missing them.

Trying in Cubase 5.1, they work, but I would like to have them also in Sonar…

Any idea?

Thank you in advance.

We are having a similar issue in Sonar X2. Sonar only shows one available input, but the others are still missing after uninstalling and re-installing the drivers several times. Getting ready to send the UR44 back and get a MOTU. Any help here is greatly appreciated!